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#7 "A Day in a Week" -WHO AM I?

“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly. Do not mistake activity for achievement.”

Mabel Newcomer

Quotes & Photos of the Week

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#7 "A Day in a Week" - Who Am I?

What has happened for the past two weeks?

I asked myself this Friday morning, but no answer from the dept of my thoughts, no whisper from a distance, no echo from the hollow walls.


Woked up, crowed out of bed, waiting for the clouds to pass away. I opened up the news, Ukrain still under fire, but no Covid in the papers; I guess it's time to throw the mask.


The mask! Was I wearing it from 2020 or since my birth? Did I buy a new one at my work? Did I repurchase it in high school and change it after all the other schools?

Who I'm I? Why am I alive? Why I'm living yet again in the Netherlands? Why I'm sharing a room? Why am I with a stranger? Why I'm working at this place?

Yes! To find a meaning! But what is meaning to myself? Has it changed? Have I given it a thought?

Who am I? Who the hell am I?


Yes! I'm working as an enslaved person to find freedom! Ironies never end. I bought a ticket and booked a flight. I'm going home for a different kind of freedom; the one here is awesome, but only if you speak the native tongue.


Something is missing, and something is not quite right. I don't know exactly what, but I'm getting closer to the path.

We are just a pinch of atoms floating on a tiny rock. Time is flying! Is it? Does the Universe apply it, or is it just for us?


Here I am at 30, and it's the year 2022. I don't know how much there is left for me. Still searching for the meaning, am I me? and Who am I? Does it even matter? My brain has started hurting, but I must get back to work!

Keep on Rising,

* @skyboy46 & @skyboy46_ on all Social Media



I want to highlight some good positive news that happened recently. We, as humans, rarely focus on the positive I think it will be a good idea if we focus on some of the not so ugly things on our planet. One might even find them fascinating and charging.

Note: Those were just short highlights/headlines that I found to grab my attention. If any headlines get your attention, links will be provided for each headline.



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