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Poems from "a day in the life"
by skyboy46

Love Poems                      Freedom Poems
                     Poetry in the
                   Rhythm of music


Welcome to the world of love and life as captured through the lens of poetry. My original poems explore the joys and struggles of love, and the experiences that shape our lives. To bring these words to life, I have transformed them into video format on YouTube, where you can watch and listen to them in a new and immersive way.

But that's not all. If you prefer to read, my collection of poems is available in ebook format on Amazon. Or, for those who prefer a digital copy, the collection is also available for free as a PDF.

Whether you're looking to be swept away by the beauty of love or seeking inspiration for navigating the ups and downs of life, my collection of original poems has something for everyone. So join me on this journey through the human experience, and let my words guide you through the joys and challenges of life and love.

sample poems from the book

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