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#4 "A Day in a Week" -MEANING

Updated: May 1, 2022

“One bad chapter does not make the book of your life.”

Quotes & Photos of the Week

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#4 "A Day in a Week" - Meaning!

Life can be unfair, in fact. It is.

If you think about it, was it even meant to be?

We can all pretend to be stoic, think upon it, night and day.

But, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and Kant. Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius haven't got to answer that.


To get back on the matter. Who ever said the world was fair?

It isn't! And it's not your fault. We were born on a tiny rock, floating in an endless nothing.


Wait! Put this in perspective. Put it on a timeline! We have just found out that! Do you think that all the kingdoms, emperors, and rulers knew unfairness?


What I want

to say with that is. History repeats itself, so does all of the unfairness. And, it seems that closing our eyes appears to fail. And, do you remember all the names from the beginning? They haven't solved unfairness. What do you make of that?


Unfairness is like; the rotation of the Earth around the Sun. They will stop together, the same way they were born. Do you see now?

Unfairness is the mother of all agony, but also the father of prosperity. It is unfair that there is life only on a single planet in the entire Solar system. It is unfair that one day Eart will burn in flames from the Sun that gave it life itself.

Unfairness can be seen in so many aspects, but let's keep it short. Unfairness in the modern world is often seen as a money issue. But to quote someone. "If there were something that Mother Nature or God could do with money, She or He would have sold immortality to the rich a long time ago."


Just look around you, then look around the world. Is it fair? It depends on which side, are you? Will it end? Yes, but that would mean that all of life has ended. What is the meaning, then? Well, that's another matter, for another time, until then...


Have the discipline to keep ongoing.

Work for it. Sweat for it. What have you sacrificed to make fewer sacrifices in this world?

Have you given your all?

Have you pushed through the pain and suffering?

Have you grown?


Nothing can stop you from doing anything. Never break your discipline. Never give up on your vision. No! You will never end unfairness. But, you won't be the reason for its existence. And when it's getting harder. Just keep on pushing harder. Never say why me? Always say, come on, try me!



I want to highlight some good positive news that happened recently. We, as humans, rarely focus on the positive I think it will be a good idea if we focus on some of the not so ugly things on our planet. One might even find them fascinating and charging.

Note: Those were just short highlights/headlines that I found to grab my attention. If any headlines get your attention, links will be provided for each headline.


Keep on Rising,

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