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#2 "A Day in a Week" - February 14, 2022 - February 20, 2022.

Updated: May 1, 2022

Just Some Short Between Lines

"If reality is not what you want it to be, change it.." Hannu Rajaniemi

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Maybe we haven't evolved as much. Don't you agree? Let's take a look at the description of Homosapience for a second.

What is the meaning of Homosapience?

"Homo sapiens is used to refer to modern human beings as a species, in contrast to other species of ape or animal, or earlier forms of human. "

So, I guess a modern human means a person with insufficient brain cells that can not learn from two world wars that nearly ended humanity and wants to give it another go.


It's a little bit funny. No! Not that feeling inside.

It's a little bit funny how two nations with a similar language can be the reason for potential worldwide involvement. But is it severe?

On the one hand, we have the news constantly warning us of World War III. On the other hand, the same news channels are proud of the gold medalist in the Winter Olympics.

Life is going on as usual as it always has been.


Is there a correlation between Covid being the only source of news for the past two years, and

Is there a correlation for potential war being the only news source after people stopped giving a F*ck and lower click-through rate?

I don't know. It is a very Homosapience complex matter.


I don't know if the world is about to end today; I haven't read anything. I don't know if it ended yesterday. It was 19 degrees Celsius, and I was out Hiking; Maybe I died, and now this is a dream.

Just some brain pickings for the mind


It was a very lazy week for me. I only had to translate 30 small poems from English to Bulgarian and post them as a short book. Nothing much to share. I guess I'm lazy, Homosapience.


If we have to think about something this Sunday, I guess it should be:

Is money the once spinning the World, or are click-through rates taken that heavy burden?

Spoiler: I would put my money on the Sun, gravity, axis, and other physics stuff. Who knows... I might be wrong.



I want to highlight some good positive news that happened recently. We, as humans, rarely focus on the positive I think it will be a good idea if we focus on some of the not so ugly things on our planet. One might even find them fascinating and charging.

Note: Those were just short highlights/headlines that I found to grab my attention. If any headlines get your attention, links will be provided for each headline.


Keep on Rising,

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