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Updated: Nov 11, 2023

Quotes & Photos of the Week

“Never look back unless you are planning to go that way"

Images: Momentum

Tham Sa Koen, Thailand

Opportunity in every setback! Join us for this very educational episode of "Life Stories" How do rich people get rich fast? Why helping others is helping you? How do one man's efforts affect the lives of everyone around him?


Once upon a time, there was a big storm in a small town. During the strong wind and rain, the only bridge that connected the ton worth the main roads was destroyed. The only way in and out now was a small dirt road that was too narrow for any transportation to pass in it. The town wasn't famous for anything besides some of its remarkable herbs.

On the following day, the carets that were supposed to transport spices to the big marketplace were unable to pass. they were frustrated but turned their back and decided to wait for the bridge to be repaired. But days passed, and no one outside the village seemed to know that the bridge was damaged.

That was until one returning herb trader returned from a trip to the marketplace. He saw that the bridge was covered in fallen trees, and some robes were hanging by the sides. The man then walked to the bridge and realized that he could clear the road and seal the robes before the sun set down.

The man rolled up his sleeves and started to do all the hard work by himself. He moved the big chunks of trees, cleared the big obstacles, and tied all the robes. While he was doing that, one of the elderly people in the village saw the young man working. The old man went to all the herb owners and told them that the bridge would be cleared for travel by the following day.

The people were so happy to hear that. If they were to wait one more day for someone to repair the bridge, they would have missed the biggest and final marketplace day.

The man who cleared the bridge and made small repairs managed to finish the job just before sunset. He then returned to his home, all tired, and he had missed the chance to collect more herbs to sell on the final marketplace day. He accepted the disappointment and went to bed.

The following morning when he woke up, he was stunned when he went outside. All the other herb field owners have given him a small portion of their herb production for clearing the road for them. The man smiled, prepared himself for a road trip, and went to make some good profits on the herbs from his competitors.

The point of the story is that there is opportunity in every setback. If you solve a problem, others are too lazy or incompetent to solve, they will give you tenfold the initial effort you had to put in.

This story goes for every aspect of life. Do what others can't, or are simply unwilling to, and they will reward you more than you can imagine. Go the extra mile, do the work, brick by brick, and people will start to notice you.

Do that consistently, and it won't be long until you get that promotion or start to see the first success of your side hustle or business.

Let us put this in perspective. If people can't find a free hotel room close to big business events, but you manage to find ten rooms for three companies. These companies will not only pay you extra for it, but they will return to you for the next one, or a different one. People pay extra for anyone who manages to save them time and hassle. And when you think about it, what is business all about? Making the work of others more easily. Saving them time and making money in the process.

That's it! As simple as it gets and as hard to understand. Next time, when no one wants to take that long and slow project, look at the long-term benefits rather than the short-term struggles.

This is kind of like the compound effect. Make one investment, and ten people will thank you. These ten people will tell five other people. Next time, you have 60 people who will think of you when an opportunity comes along.

Thank you for watching today's "Life Story." If you liked that one, check out the one we chose for you to watch if you haven't already. Be sure to subscribe and like the video if you find it valuable.

And until next time,

Keep on Rising.

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I want to highlight some good positive news that happened recently. We, as humans, rarely focus on the positive I think it will be a good idea if we focus on some of the not so ugly things on our planet. One might even find them fascinating and charging.

Note: Those were just short highlights/headlines that I found to grab my attention. If any headlines get your attention, links will be provided for each headline.



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